Monday, April 18, 2011

Nails du jour!

Within the past few months I have become completely obsessed with nails and nail art.  Inspired by the awesomeness that is nails, I decided 3 months ago that I was going to grow out my nails as long as possible and well, here is the final product.

I'm wearing an H&M shirt, Emergency bow tie and House of Harlow sunglasses.



I saw these nails today and fell in love! How adorable are these Prada inspired nails?  I'm thinking I really would love to have something similar on my hands and sport this design on my nails for about as long as it will last. I love my lady nails.


What's your take on long nails? Would you be able to grow them out?




  1. i love 'em. they are "your joy". :) you look so crazy cute in that first shot!

  2. i love your shirt and bow in the first picture. so cute. and the nails are very unique and cute.
    my nails grow fast and they are always long and my dad hates that because i scratch even though i dont intend too :)

  3. love it all