Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Audrey

I don't believe that there is a bad thing that one could ever say about this woman because she was a saint when she lived; a philanthropist who had a kind heart and always wanted to make the world a better place.  Aside from being a humanitarian and actress, the women was also know for her iconic fashion and demure comportment which truly made her a beautiful being.  She is one of my idols and I completely adore her.  This post is in honor of Audrey.

Screen shot 2011-07-17 at 11.31.48 PM



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer Mood

Hello!  The weather here has been terribly inconsistent lately and I'm on the team that would just like summer to arrive already... please!  I love hot heat and it makes me so happy when I'm out and about gallivanting in the sun while dancing in the streets.


I finally parted ways my treasured long nails.  If I have it in me again, I may re-grow them but for now I think I'll keep them short and sweet.


I'm wearing my favorite leopard cardigan from H&M, pant overalls that I found at Forever 21, a Gap long sleeve shirt, a vintage gold chain, and my House of Harlow sunnies.  Oh, and please forgive the hairband around my hand- I meant to take it off! Oops!


A friend of mine showcased her awesome terrarium creations this weekend at Unique LA and the setup looked amazing! Her plant creations are amazing and she is truly an amazing artist who has her own style.  She creates these amazing pieces of plant art and puts so much time into each piece as they are all different which make for an overall awesome plant terrarium with pizazz! you can check out her site here.





The weekend is almost here and I couldn't be more excited for it!



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Tale of a Fairy

Karl Lagerfeld is at it again.  This time the Chanel mastermind has created a short film for the upcoming 2011/12 Cruise collection titled The Tale of a Fairy.  The short film features appearances from:  Anna Mouglalis, Amanda Harlech, Kristen McMenamy, Freja Beha, Bianca Balti, Baptiste Giabiconi, Brad Koening, Jake Davies, Mark Vanderloo, Oriol Elcacho, Sébastien Jondeau, and Seth Kuhlmann.

This is the short clip of the actual short film which is supposed to be up on later today.

Freja Beha is in the short film and I can't wait to see what else she brings to the short film.  She's in the short clip for about 5-10 seconds so keep your eyes open in the short film which will be posted on the Chanel website later today.



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The writing on the wall

I spent my weekend basking in the sun with friends and enjoyed Easter with my family.   I had the chance to check out a street art exhibit that's currently being showcased at the MOCA museum in Los Angeles which was amazing. As mentioned in a previous post, I am fascinated by street art; the intricate workmanship that goes into these pieces is a culture I'm completely absorbed by.  The art is beautiful but the movement behind it is what fascinates me.  It stems from the early 70's and over the past 40 years has become a global movement- a convergence of artists far and wide and their art is as much alive today as it was at commencement.

I wandered down to the museum turned left and voila, found myself in the land of street art.  The walls oozed of all forms of art work, beautiful bright vibrant colors that my eyes beheld and found themselves enamored with.



I'm wearing a white cotton voile blouse from H&M,  Zara trousers, my favorite new ballet flats that were a joyous find at Urban Outfitters, and my Rebecca Minkoff bag as a clutch.



This image is a close up shot of what is a 10 foot wall that is covered with images of graffiti throw-ups on the sides of trains.


This is a Keith Haring piece; there was an entire section dedicated to the artist and his art work.


There was also a section devoted to Banksy and his art work.  To be honest with you I'm not really too sure how I feel about Banksy's art work but I did enjoy this particular piece.




This is a piece by the artist Andre who was a well known french graffiti artist in the 80's.  This is one of the more familiar figure type figures that he was familiarized with.



I managed to find Christy Turlington in a revamped Calvin Klein add while I browsed through art; she's such a babe.



I hope you enjoy the art as much as I did.  It was a terribly difficult decision to select the photos to post because there was so much beautiful art and I wish I could share it all with you.




Monday, April 18, 2011

Nails du jour!

Within the past few months I have become completely obsessed with nails and nail art.  Inspired by the awesomeness that is nails, I decided 3 months ago that I was going to grow out my nails as long as possible and well, here is the final product.

I'm wearing an H&M shirt, Emergency bow tie and House of Harlow sunglasses.



I saw these nails today and fell in love! How adorable are these Prada inspired nails?  I'm thinking I really would love to have something similar on my hands and sport this design on my nails for about as long as it will last. I love my lady nails.


What's your take on long nails? Would you be able to grow them out?



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend so far.  I had a chance to go watch the documentary Bill Cunningham New York today and it was amazing!  Bill Cunningham is a photo genius and I was so fascinated by the man and his brilliant work.  It was endearing to see legends such as Bill Cunningham, and Editta Sherman (also featured in the film), who are so passionate about fashion and their art and how they make these pieces of art more than just images.  It was really insightful to see him in action and to get a glimpse into the world of the man behind the camera.  I was so inspired by this movie, that I made one of his quotes in the film the title of this post.






I had a chance to take some photos recently in Chinatown.  I truly enjoy this little community and all of it's treasures- there is so much Asian culture within a few small blocks.  I used to live right down the street from Chinatown and I found myself missing which is why I decided to pay a much needed visit and frolic around in the sun.




I am wearing  my American Apparel item- 3-D flower mesh jumper, Zara slacks, Report clogs, Michael Kors watch, and Rebecca Minkoff purse.







Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello April! I decided I'd do a post that includes my current inspirations.   I love creating inspiration boards-  I used to create them more often when I was younger and I decided I'd start creating them again; I have so much fun putting them together.

This particular board includes images from Annie Hall because I love Diane Keaton's style in this movie, Andy Warhol paintings that I'm a fan of, pink Doc Marten's that I've been eyeing, looks from Theory's Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook, a painting by the artist Wayne White who has some really cool paintings that channel 70's-esque typography with a modern twist, images from  editorials from Pop magazine's Spring/Summer 2011 catalog, an image of a Coco poster from the 1969 broadway musical that is based on Coco Chanel, and finally some California palm trees because summer is right around the corner.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!